Bishop David M. O’Connell, C.M., celebrated the annual Catholic Schools Mass via video recording this year, which was posted for viewing at midnight Oct. 15.

“Here in our Diocese we have a saying, ‘Catholic Schools Have It All,’” he preached in the homily. “We say that and we believe that because of all the blessings St. Paul wrote about,” he said, referencing the day’s First Reading from Ephesians.

“St. Paul wrote that we praise God because he has given us so many blessings and good things in Jesus Christ. God loves us all, has forgiven our sins, and shares his wisdom and his plan for us. This little part of St. Paul’s letter really tells us what happens in Catholic school,” Bishop O’Connell preached.

“Think of all the good things that God has given you: your parents and families, your talents, your ability to learn, your ability to grow and become better every single day – all of these things you bring with you to your school and your classrooms, all these things are part of your Catholic school education.

“Today we celebrate all our Catholic schools at Mass as we do every year, only this year, we are doing it in a different way because of the COVID pandemic. Instead of all our Catholic schools sending groups to join me, we are watching the Catholic Schools Mass online. As your Bishop, I am so happy to be able to join you this way in each of your Catholic schools.” 

The Mass, celebrated in St. Ann Church, Lawrenceville, and concelebrated by the parish’s administrator, Father Leandro Dela Cruz, can be viewed HERE.