St. Mary School heads to YouTube with CSW highlights


By EmmaLee Italia | Contributing Editor

St. Mary School released a video highlight reel featuring aspects of its Catholic Schools Week 2019, like this game of musical chairs played by kindergarteners as principal Craig Palmer, left, and other students cheer them on. Courtesy photo

St. Mary School, Middletown, recently produced a video with highlights of its 2019 Catholic Schools Week.

“We love St. Mary’s!” shouted a group of young students as the video opened.

 “I want to say thank you to all who participated in Catholic Schools Week 2019,” said Craig Palmer, St. Mary School principal, “A special thank you goes out to the students, staff and faculty of St. Mary School. Without you, we couldn’t be the great school that we are today … remember, it’s always a great day to be a saint.”

The video highlights student activities throughout Catholic Schools Week, which took place Jan. 27 – Feb. 2. Each day featured a different theme, and the video followed students attending Mass, participating in talks and assemblies for “We Can Wednesday,” and “Fun-lympic Friday,” playing musical instruments and performing in a play for “Theatrical Thursday.”

Students sounded off in the video about their favorite parts of the week celebrating their school.

“My favorite activity we did this year was all the different assemblies we got to go to as a school,” said one boy. The blue and gold garb worn by students in the video was the result of a fundraising dress down day, producing more than $600 for the ASPCA.

“I really enjoyed the planetarium on Monday,” a girl chimed in, referencing a planetarium that was set up in the school by a special presenter for “Milky Way Monday.”

“My favorite activity was the assembly on how to empower students,” another boy said of the student empowerment activity with the group LeadU on “We Can Wednesday.”

Groups of kids waved and cheered as the camera panned by, proudly showing their school spirit.

“We’ve started producing videos more regularly,” Palmer said in an interview. “We have some open house videos,  and one of our Christmas bazaar … we got the last three days of Catholic Schools Week … It was such a good time.”

Said Palmer, “Now the kids see Matt [Marzorati], and they call out to him – ‘Hey, Matt!’ They’re not bashful at all.”

Marzorati is creative director of True Goodness Films and is taking the videos for the school.

Palmer hopes the videos promote not only St. Mary School, but also Catholic schools in general.

“There’s so much misconception about Catholic education out there,” he explained. “We wanted to show the spirit of Catholic schools. … [With Catholic schools]; you don’t have to keep your faith under wraps in your house – you can live it all the time.”

The full video may be viewed at, and on the school website,, by clicking on the YouTube icon at the bottom of the screen.

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