St. Jerome School students pose for a photo with a police officer and his horse during the Heroes’ Day observance.

A hero is more than just a title. It is an honor someone earns through his or her service to others, the community or the country.

Teaching students about what it means to be a hero was the goal of the annual Heroes’ Day celebration held Oct. 22 in St. Jerome School, West Long Branch. The occasion drew some 50 women and men who serve as police officers, fire officials, first aid responders, active military and veterans from West Long Branch and numerous neighboring towns who spent the day visiting with the students, sharing their stories and experiences. 

“Hearing from these incredible Americans and learning about their experiences will create a lasting impression on our children,” said Filippini Sister Elizabeth Seton Dalessio.  “It is also an incredible way to honor these individuals for all that they do,” adding that the Heroes’ Day tradition began in the 2019-2020 school year but was canceled last year because of the pandemic.

“Heroes’ Day is an event in which we celebrate our brave local and state citizens,” Sister Elizabeth Seton said. “We recognize all our heroes for their special achievements. The faculty, staff, student body and SJS community celebrates Heroes’ Day to pay homage to those heroes of our town, state and country who sacrifice so much and continue to shine because of their outstanding good deeds.”

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