Reimer takes up ministry of leadership in Freehold school

Cynthia Reimer


By Christina Leslie, Correspondent

At the helm of St. Rose of Lima School this year is an experienced academic with New York roots.

Cynthia Reimer, who most recently filled the role of principal in Holy Innocents School of Neptune, will begin the 2019-2020 school year as principal of the Freehold Catholic school, which opened in 1875 and bears the mission statement to foster “academic excellence in the Catholic tradition.”

Reimer attended Archdiocese of New York Catholic schools throughout her entire academic career, beginning in her native Staten Island at The Academy of St. Dorothy and St. Joseph Hill Academy, then moved a ferry ride away to attend Manhattan’s St. John’s University. She earned a master’s degree in administration and supervision from St. Peter’s University, Jersey City.

Taking up the mantle of educator in the same borough she was raised, Reimer served for a year as teacher in Staten Island’s Blessed Sacrament School, then 13 more in Moore Catholic High School, where she also filled the roles of religious education chairwoman, director of development and director of student activities.

Reimer served as Catholic school principal within the Archdiocese of New York for 12 years, six in Monroe’s Sacred Heart School, six more in Sacred Heart School, Staten Island. Turning her sights toward New Jersey and the Diocese of Trenton, she was chosen as principal of Holy Innocents School and served for eight years until the school closed this June. 

In addition to her Catholic school career, Reimer has served as an adjunct professor at Hudson County Community College, Jersey City, since 2006, currently teaching mathematics.

Reimer eagerly anticipates her role in St. Rose of Lima, noting that it “is already a wonderful school with a pastor committed to Catholic education, Father James Conover, and faculty, staff and parents who share the same mission in support of the school. I plan on listening to the needs of the people and formulating a plan to sustain the school for the future.”

She continued, “My future plans include adding a ‘Mommy and Me’ program where dads and grandparents also are welcome and expanding the pre-K program in order to grow the school enrollment from the early childhood level. Additionally, I would like to expand the fine arts program to include a theater program for students and update the library to a media center.”

Reimer expressed her joy and confidence about the value of Catholic education to prepare children for their place in the Church and in society.

“Catholic education is exceptionally important, particularly in the world in which we live today, because within our classrooms, we are educating the future of our Church and students who are capable of becoming both local and global leaders of the communities of the world,” she said. “For me, being a Catholic school principal is a ministry, and an answer to what God has called me to do.”

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