Federal money will help Catholic, other schools narrow online homework gap

In May, Discovery Communications swung a deal with AT&T to take its WarnerMedia assets off its hands for a cool $43 billion. Other than maybe the lawyers who made this swap possible, the jury is out on who will materially benefit from this huge asset transfer

But it’s no mystery who can benefit from another communications-related development that also has happened this May and is costing a lot less: The Federal Communications Commission established the Emergency Connectivity Fund Program, which will help schoolchildren with their virtual learning needs.

Coming in at $7.17 billion — not even 17% of the Discovery-AT&T price tag for Warner — it has the potential to materially help millions of children directly, and their families indirectly.

The fund will allow schools — including Catholic and other nonpublic schools that are eligible — to apply for grants from the FCC to buy tablets, laptops or other devices for their students to use, or to outfit devices with “hot spots” giving children consistent internet access to get their homework done. […continue reading]

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