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A message from Bishop David M. O'Connell, C.M.

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When a child is baptized in the Catholic Church, his/her parents make promises to help their child grow in the Church’s faith.  Parents are their “first teachers,” their “first preachers” of the faith and, as a result, the family home becomes the “first Catholic school” and a “domestic Church.”

Without their direct and active involvement in their child’s faith formation, however, faith doesn’t happen, it won’t happen.  Simple things like teaching and “hearing” a child’s prayers, telling Bible stories, taking a child to Church, showing a child the difference between right and wrong, giving good example, treating people with respect and charity and so on, these are all part of Catholic parents’ primary responsibilities to their baptized Catholic children

What if parents don’t exercise their faith responsibilities for whatever reason? What happens to the faith of their baptized child? The answer is simple: nothing. Bringing a child into the Catholic Church in Baptism without making him/her welcome, at home, familiar with the Church —- at least on a level appropriate to a child —- make him/her a stranger to and within the community that is home to the Catholic faith.

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e all know the kinds of stories about Catholic schools that grab front page headlines. Unfortunately, the good news of Catholic schools is rarely reported in the mainstream media.

Too often our schools are “Best Kept Secrets” in which the value that they bring is known only to the families whose students are already enrolled. We aim to change that. 

Just for starters, here are some things you should know…

Across Burlington, Mercer, Monmouth and Ocean Counties, there are nearly 17,000 students in Catholic schools sponsored by their local parishes or by the Diocese of Trenton. These schools are strong and vibrant — many are well enrolled; some with waiting lists for certain grades.

Our schools continue to distinguish themselves as places of extraordinary academic advancement; robust science and technology resources, and the best in athletic development and competition, all the while forming young Catholics in their faith and providing opportunities for them to put this faith into action. Our schools provide an educational experience that can be found in no other setting.

We encourage members of the Catholic community to get the good news of Catholic schools by exploring one near you, and to stay connected with this website. Here, we will share new information and resources about our schools on a regular basis.

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  • We are proud to be part of a school community. No priest ever wants to close a school. We try to do whatever we can to promote a Catholic environment … The school is part of a greater whole, and makes a strong parish. Families entrust their children to us, we educate the whole child.

    Father Christopher Picollo
    Pastor, St. Katharine of Drexel Parish, Burlington
  • Most people believe in Catholic education, and we do not have a heavy burden here. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to lighten the burden for parents.

    Msgr. Gregory D. Vaughan
    Pastor, St. Catharine Parish, Holmdel and former vicar general, moderator of the curia and director of vocations for the Diocese
  • “Catholic schools are or should be partners to Catholic parents forming and engaging their children in Catholic faith, along with other subjects as well.  The goal is to help children become good Catholics, with knowledge of their faith, exposure to prayer and the sacraments, becoming part of their parish church community and the experience of living and relating to others — adults and peers alike — with respect and charity.  These are all things taught in Catholic schools, their religion curriculum.  And children live what they learn.” 

    Bishop David M. O'Connell, C.M.
    Tenth Bishop of Trenton
  • “To be sure, it is the faith-life, the values, the ethics, and the service to others that will contribute to our global society.  It is the commitment and investment of the parish and school communities that will provide the faith-based, academic environment for our students to contribute to the future of our church and nation.”

    JoAnn Tier
    Superintendent of Catholic Schools, Diocese of Trenton
  • “Just as challenges to healthy Catholic schools increase with each passing year, so, too, must the number of priests and parishes who are willing to champion them. ”

    Rayanne Bennett
    Associate Publisher, The Monitor; Executive Director of Communications
  • “Setting aside time to give is important. The reason to give is so other people have a chance to see the Light of Christ in your actions.”

    Luke Denn
    Eighth grader, St. Mary of the Lakes School, Medford
  • “God calls us all, and creates destinies for some; what your vocation will be later, we don’t know yet. Your calling right now is to be students at St. Peter’s, to learn. Someday you will find out what your vocation is, and it will be your calling.”

    Conventual Franciscan Father Richard Rossell
    Parochial vicar, St. Peter Parish, Point Pleasant Beach, speaking to students during the school's vocation day as part of Catholic Schools Week
  • “We gather with Catholic schools from from all over the country to celebrate the freedom we have to worship and to give thanks to God for the opportunity to learn in a community of faith.”

    Dr. Edward Gere
    Principal, Donovan Catholic High School, Toms River